I have had this post sitting in my draft pile for a few weeks, and I am not surprised that a TON of blogs have all been featuring 'mint green' this week.  As fast as 'tangerine tango' came into our lives, so has mint green.

Not only has it been showcased with this awesome styling by some top blogs, see how these ladies incorporated this pastel colour!

  But it has made its way into home decor.

And of course you know it is a full blown trend when uber-glam goddess Diane Kruger
wears it!  She wore a mint Giambattista Valli at Cannes this week. 

I mentioned {here} that pastels were going to be popular, so I suggest on your upcoming shopping trips you try and add some mint green! 

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  1. Ok...the second picture seriously makes me want to cut bangs. So cute.