A personal dream that frankly I don't even know if I have ever even told one person, so why not announce to the world my inner most dream?!  What else are blogs for!! hahaha

I have always wanted to make a sculpture.

A big, stand along in a park, rub for good luck, tourist photo taking sculpture.  How this internal dream came about I have no idea, how to execute it, no idea, will I ever actually complete it, no idea!

But while I was on one my daily blogroll, {HonestlyWTF} showcased these sculptures by Belgian designer and artist {Liesbet Bussche}, and my immediate reaction, "why didn't I think of that!".  I love when creative people come up with something so original but so simple that it makes an impact.  Take a look at some of the pieces from this collection below, and for more click on the link below all of them.  My personal favourite, the pair of stud earrings, simplicity defined.

Images {HonestlyWTF}

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