Today begins the last year of my twenties. WOW, where has the time gone.  A new year calls for a new attitude, a fresh start, and going out of my 29th year with a bang!  I look so forward to what this coming year has in store and in the meantime, bring on the cake! lol

 Now onto the WEDNESDAY GRIPE!!!!

Recently I tried a pair of liquid leggings, well let me tell you, I consider my legs one of my better assets but in liquid leggings they became my worst! lol  It was like wrapping tree trunks in garbage bags!  So back to the store they went.  So imagine my surprise when {Cindy} found these gold lame liquid leggings!  I thought, my god, GRIPE!!  Liquid leggings are hard to pull of people, and those that do, thumbs up.  However in gold, hold yourself back from this purchase.  Perhaps a bachelorette weekend in Atlantic City these would fly.  UGH, just cause they sell it people doesn't mean you should buy it!



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