Just Because...

I had a lovely post all ready to go for today about bright colours, spring time and bunny rabbits (no bunnies that was a joke).  But yesterday afternoon my mother and I decided to drop everything and head to Buffalo to go shopping.  And we did, for 6 hours straight!!!  Shopping is a sport I don't care what anyone says.  Today my muscles are sore, feet hurt, I am super tired, and I would like to think if I could run a marathon this is what the next day would feel like...lol  So in my head I did a retail marathon and let me tell you I got TONS of stuff! Lots and lots of good finds and so many good pieces I cannot wait to share on the blog!  Wait till you see the jacket I am going to wear to fashion week next Wednesday.

In the mean time, today I will relish that it is Friday and tomorrow I can sleep in and put away all my good finds.  I will leave you with some images of exactly how I felt come midnight last night when I finally laid my head to rest!

Enjoy your weekend!

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