While at {Toronto Fashion Week} you cannot help but notice all the fashions OFF the runways.  Street Style Photographers were out in full force.  Here are a couple trends I noticed while I was there on Day 3.

Everything chiffon!  Many women paired chunk {Jeffery Campbell} boots with maxi chiffon skirts

This neon bag was EVERYWHERE. Very much the 'it' bag I noticed. Structure and colour were key!

The over the shoulder wearing of the blazer and jacket was most definitely a trend.  Since the weather can be anything this time of year, this is one trend I think we can all get behind.

I mean BLACK never goes out of style, and it was being showcased in ABUNDANCE.  What also was in abundance, liquid leggings!  Leather, faux-leather, a lot of ladies had them on.  Seems that this 2011 trend is not going anywhere fast, so if you didn't get them last year, get them for 2012.

COLOUR, COLOUR, COLOUR.  That was one thing that the day was not without.  Ladies pairing every colour under the sun together like this girl. 
 Don't be shy, pile on those brights ladies, you cannot go wrong!

Photos via {FLARE} {FASHION} {SweetSpot}

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