So I am not sure about your week but mine has been going slower then molasses!  Not to mention for the past three days I have been on a juice cleanse by {TotalCleanse}, I can't wait to eat food this weekend! lol  Although I feel completly restored and lighter there is just something about wanting to CHEW again!..lol

With all this said, this week while browsing the web I saw some images that I loved!  And I wanted to share them with you and hopefully they inspire you!

Have a great weekend!

Makes me want to cut my hair short and choppy again!

I want to have a smile this big every time I do something!  Her energy is contagious!

Urges me to keep on my quest to find the 'perfect' boyfriend jean.

Proves the simplest of pieces in your closet can make the chic-est errand outfit.

Having the courage to be as daring as Drew to wear coloured denim as effortlessly as she does.

Oh Summer fun, you might be around the corner but please come faster!
(Now if only my parties included Leo DiCaprio, Kate Hudson and 
Naomi Campbell, look in the pic to see them.)

Wanting to make and effort to look this chic when I go to the market in the summer and pick up flowers.  
Also makes me want to cut my bangs again!..lol

This outfit makes me want to keep shopping for the perfect wedding guest dress. 
Blush/nudes are so trendy yet so easy to wear them.

Images via {PopSugar}, {ImNotObsessed}, {JustJared}

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