Inspiration & Winter Fun...

I am heading away today for a weekend up a Blue Mountain, which is Ontario's big ski/chalet community.  It was modeled after Whistler, BC.
Since I am not a big skier I am going to do my best to enjoy all the time I spend on the mountain.  I also look forward to some girl chat, some plaid pj pants, and most of all, ANOTHER weekend away!

I collected some pictures that highlight my feelings going into this weekend..lol  I hope you have a great weekend with whatever you are up too!

What I am trying desperately NOT to look like on the mountain:

 What I am sure I will look like, simple and effortless like the Duchess. fingers crossed.

 Mentally what I wish I looked like under my ski coat while partying at the mountain..lol

Wishing this party was happening while I was at the mountain!

What my inner Fashion-Diva will be wearing while I attempt to ski all day!

What will really happen while I am away at the mountain, peaceful, amazing, relaxing good times with the girlfriends.

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