Moustache Love...

Movember is upon us.... Not sure what that is, let me explain! lol  November is the month that men here in Canada and in the US will start to grow mustaches in order to raise funds for men's cancers below the belt.  You can read much more on the campaign {here} and donate there as well.  Something us ladies who support and donate, and for those who have to tolerate a furry upper lip for the month we gladly refer to as MO-sista's!  Clever eh!  Well this Movember it works out perfectly that mustaches can be found EVERYWHERE and in a variety of options!  Click on the above image to see where to get these pieces.  

However, do not only buy a mustache product but do donate to this great cause.  Cancer effects everyone, so be a great MO-sista and donate!  Save our men! lol  


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  1. Love it - I own so many mustache-y things, and my nails are already painted. Forever 21 has a cute Mustache umbrella http://goo.gl/BXLJB and Asos has a mustache scarf I must have! http://goo.gl/hI0xZ