I am cold.  My hands.  My feet.  And it is only +4.  What a long season it will be.  I am done complaining until at least 1x foot of snow is on the ground!  Promise.

Something I do not own are white jeans.  I am notroiously clumsy and I KNOW I would totally spill on them.  Second, I do no think covering my tree trunk legs in white will be flattering at all...lol  I also don't believe in the rule, no white after labour day... it's a colour, wear it when you want.

So, imagine my surprise while doing my daily ready a week or so back on {Eat.Sleep.Denim} when their blogger Taylor, was not only sporting white post holiday but in the cold weather!  Shocked, I immediately I knew I had to share this.  I might be stylish but I NEVER would have thought about pairing white denim in these colder months with a great knit.  I am not that smart.  This is one of the reasons I love fashion blogs, you can see soemthing that you never would have done and see what it looks like before you try it.

Since I will not be purcahsing white denim anytime soon, I encourage anyone who has those white jeans put away for 'the winter' that you take them out of their container or from the back of the closet and totally try this look before you need to wear you double lined feather down puffer jacket!

Thanks for the inspiration!

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