I am griping two days in a row.  Cause I can..lol

Today is the first day of Spring, you would never know it with the weather.  However, this is the time we all start buying warm weather clothes, like shorts!

Which brings me to this suspender/harness short combo! And yes, they are sold together! lol
GRIPE! ugh.
I should profess I did do a post on the {thigh harness} which I love, but this is not even remotely close to that!  This looks like 50 shades of grey bondage!  Not made for the street, or at least not made for the average lady on streets.... now perhaps a corner would be another story ;) lol

I don't have much else to say.. just a shaking of the head.

Happy hump-day, first day of Spring, and GRIPE day!!!  lol


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