Spring is right around the corner, or at least it seems like it!  What now fills mine and best friend Cindy's shopping trips, is trying to find the PERFECT wedding guest dress!  It is not hard for most people I am sure, but we always want to look fantastic, elegant, stylish yet never to out shine the bride; Sometimes this is a fine line to walk.

When {Toni Plus} released their Spring catalog I was ecstatic!  This plus size retailer had three of the most beautiful dresses that would be perfect for such occasions!  The ones below were my favorite picks.  For weddings, showers, engagement parties, all fun events where you get to get a little more jazzed up than usual these dresses would be perfect for!  I can see you all smiling and nodding that you agree with me!..lol

My top pick is the first white and navy dress.  I am a sucker for Navy though! lol  {Toni Plus} has joined the world of social media as well, so let's embrace this upscale shop ladies.  Let's visit their sites, shop their stores and enjoy the luxurious way they will make our curves look!

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