Fall Fun...

I had the honor of being the guest of my friend Shannon's parents to the 150th United Italia celebration here in Guelph this past Sunday.  This gala celebration included a concerto of the "AGOGICA" choir from Italy, and then a tasty 6 course meal at the local Italian Canadian Club.

The music was amazing, and as many of us remarked it was more of an Operetta then a choir.  Although I didn't understand a word (sadly, my background is Italian and I do not speak it) I was moved by the songs and the energy and love that the Italian spectators evoked.  In that moment I truly missed my Italian Grandmother who passed away 7 years ago, I knew that she would have loved this event, and I was thrilled that I could be there to enjoy this on behalf of my family.

Then came the dinner; man can Italians eat.  Stuffed by the third course, the speeches, conversation, and utter love for all things Italy kept the night moving right along.  Although I did have to leave and the dessert course had not been served, I was fully fed and left a 'happy Italian' and quite proud of my heritage.

Here are some of the photos from the event itself.

The program
The "AGOGICA" choir
The "AGOGICA" choir with Italian war veterans.  Check out their AMAZING hats!!
The Italian veterans doing a 'show' with the Italian Flag

Now Shannon and I got all doll'ed up for the event.  And had much fun doing so.  This is what Shannon chose to wear, doesn't she look great!
This is what I wore; dress- Alfani for Macy's, shoes- Calvin Klein, clutch- Old Navy, sunglasses- Forever21

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