Well there is much to talk about from my weekend; I hope that you all had a great weekend as well.  While I gather my thoughts for the blog I thought I would show you what I wore out to a birthday party/pub night last weekend.

This was my FIRST piece of leopard print EVER.  Being that it is so hot for this season when I saw it at {Forever21} I thought of two things, first, I need that how fun! Second, this is a close to looking like a Kardashian sister as I ever will get!..lol

To tone down the leopard I paired it with a blazer and minimal jewellery since the print itself is over powering.  I felt so powerful and strong wearing this print: I look forward to wearing this party dress again.  Also, how much do you love my new {Forever21} bow necklace and ring; I am great little package! lol

 Shout out to my friend Shannon for her great bathroom which worked as the backdrop for this WIW photoshoot!

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