I am a HUGE fan of Melissa McCarthy's, from Gilmore Girls right thru to Mike & Molly.  She is currently gracing the cover of an industry magazine favourite, {The Hollywood Reporter}.  This picture of her is breathtaking, what a woman.  The article they have written on her is fantastic; you really get to 'know' her.  The magazine also posted the 'behind the scenes' video for the shoot.  I love these videos because it makes you feel like you were there, makes you understand the concept of the photos and as well always get a good feel of the person outside their acting characters.  Melissa McCarthy is one of my girl crushes, and I think it's one of the best to have!  I also recently got my un-rated version of BRIDESMAIDS in the mail too, so a laugh filled girls night awaits me.  She totally made that movie!  And she hosts SNL this weekend, SHE IS EVERYWHERE!

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