Just Because...

I have a crush on Kim Kardashian’s style, I will admit it.  Recently she posted on her blog that at a New York Fashion Week Show that she “I teamed it with these 10-inch heels and I was so nervous all night wearing them! I didn’t want to trip!” with her dress, insanity!!! 10-inch heels!!  WOW… now I have some big boy shoes of my own, but 10-inches, I don’t think I would have the guts to go that high.  Highest I own are 7-inches, if I wore 10-inch shoes I would be 6’4!!!  That’s taller then most men I know!  I guess if you’re a Kardashian sister and marry a 6’7 basket ball player these shoes are a must.  
 She posted a pic, but not a good one of the shoes, so try and imagine.  
Wonder what her tootsies felt like the next day?!

 Image: {Kim's Blog}


  1. I just dont understand how that's even possible. She's pretty amazing though....style wise!

  2. Glad you agree!.. it would be like walking in point shoes all night!!!