My big surprise is...... I am a model. Well kinda.
A mild, so far one-time only, clothing store fashion show model.  Well frankly if you model once doesn't that mean you’re automatically a model? hahaha  The fashion show is this coming Saturday, I will do a post on it for sure, but last night was my ‘fittings’ night.  I was able to assist with picking out my ‘looks’ with the store staff; I have evening/dress, work/office, date casual, denim, and denim with jacket look, so many!!!  Here are a few pictures I snapped while trying everything on.  Oh!  Also, thanks to my sister for coming with me and lending me her great fashion advice, she is the first official member of my ENTOURAGE! hahaha

this is my date casual look
the evening look I picked
a selection of clothes I was trying on
close-up of my work/office look

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