Coloured Pants...

 Coloured Pants...

 Today's earlier post about the PINK TUXEDO and seeing most stores fill up this fall with lots of coloured pants in all shapes has me inspired.  Personally I want a pair of cobalt blue ones so I have to find them, and seeing that its been a while since I have done a styling post I felt it was time; when inspiration hits, take it!

Here are 3 looks; all the pants are bright and fun and all cut in different ways.

Pink Pants:  a great pleated pant in pink, add some fun with a multi coloured leopard top.  I imagined this outfit for a late cocktail with a girlfriend, so a great necklace, bracelet and handbag add some subtle pizzazz.  The 'Hefner Loafer' is what I am calling it, keeps the look grounded and easy without going over the top; the shirt and pants do that on their own.

Yellow Pants:  Have some fun!  Yellow wide leg pants paired with a fun cropped top (my sister owns it) keeps the 'flowy' vibe going on top and bottom; it's all about the movement.  A pop of colour with a red cross-body bag makes the whole thing hipster-chic.  Paired with a great high heel really adds length and height to an already long lean outfit and grab some more colour with a red feather earrings.

Red Pants:  This outfit I see being worn on a coffee adventure or perhaps work on a casual Friday.  The straight leg pant paired with a great wool sweater and a bootie makes it an ideal outfit for fall.  A large envelope style clutch and a big watch round out the look allowing it to be functional and not dressy but still pulled together.

Now go out and add some coloured pants into your life!

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