Inspiration ...

The Fab-u-lous Smurfette did a spread for the new issue of Harper's Bazaar, promoting her new movie "The Smurfs" out this summer.
She wore the creme de la creme in accessories from Marc Jacobs, 
Louis Vuitton, D & G and Lanvin.

She rock's these looks!  Lucky lady!


Peta released their list of the sexiest Veggie celebrities toady.  Kristin Wig and Russell Brand were named the sexiest.  Lucky them!  Quite the honor.  Russell says he has been a vegetarian since he was 14 and Kristen says she stays healthy with lots of soy and tofu.  Congrats to both of them; however I should win an award for being the sexiest carnivore no?! hahaha

Images: Peta

Event Clothing...

It’s that time of year again, Wimbledon!  Prep your mint julep drinks, your strawberries and cream, don your best whites and keep score.  In 2008 I had the amazing privilege of sitting six rows back on centre court to watch Roger Federer play.  There was definitely some horseshoes in my life that day.  I met a lady on the train on the way to the courts; thinking I could just show up and walk around, she advised me that it doesn't work that way and she offered me her husbands ticket because he was not able to make it.  I pondered it, and then decided to spend all the cash I had in my wallet and take this once in a life time opportunity.  I should note then when I bought her ticket I had no idea where the seat was.  Again horseshoe!  Imagine my surprise when I found out it was six rows back from the Number One seated player in the world at the time.

Because my intent that hot and sunny British day was to just walk around and see the courts and grounds I was dressed in a black linen blouse and jeans!  Suffice to say, I spent 6 hours in the hot sun, and was completely not dressed properly for that day.  And to top it off, since I had spent all my money on the ticket I didn't even have money for water.  It was a LONG HOT day!..lol

With watching Wimbledon this week it got me to thinking if I could do it over again, what would I wear to enjoy the day more?  So below is my dream outfit!  Some light and breezy white linen pants, a nice colourful cotton shirt.  A classic navy cardigan for when the sun goes down around the 5pm match and the shady areas.  Some great accessories and a fantastic structured cross-body bag with some uber-colour power!  Wimbledon is a classy event so the outfit has to match the venue for sure.

Everyone, Ready, Set, Match!! 


Thank You's and Adore...

WOW!!!  What a day yesterday.  Thank you everyone for your enormous support towards the blog.  I was so nervous finally sharing it with you and you made me so happy that I finally did.  So again thank you for the love! 

Now for the shameless plug, please sign up to follow via email or become a blog follower!....lol

For today’s post I wanted to talk about a movie I FINALLY got around to seeing.  Last fall, yes back in 2010, the movie “The Romantics” was released.  All I knew about the movie it was about a group of college friends at one of their weddings and that majority of the wardrobe was JCrew.  Since I had heard that I totally wanted to watch it if only for the clothes.  On Saturday I watched the movie and my review will not be super kind..Lol The plot was mediocre, the acting was great, and however it was just blah, picture a long extended version of Dawson’s Creek starring Joey, literally.  Now the clothes however did NOT disappoint!  The clothes had a great preppy/trend vibe that JCrew is known for.  Each character might have only had 2-3 clothing changes since the whole movie is over a two day span, but they were great.  My personal favorite if you watch the movie is Maia Ackerman in the opening scene.

I do recommend this indie flick if you have nothing else to watch, however if you’re a clothes horse go out of your way to see it for sure.

Also talk about cross media promotion! Since the movies clothes were JCrew they asked the cast to be in their Fall 2010 catalogue.  Below are the amazing pics of the campaign.  I love the looks, and true to good fashion and staple pieces they still hold up in 2011..lol Now for my fellow Canadians they do ship to us since there are no stores up this way.  Lucky us!  And with the postal strike now over {see Gripe} you can get some amazing pieces to add to your closet!

Enjoy the pictures and the trailer of “The Romantics”.

Images: JCrew



I have gone public!  Hahaha  or some might say I am out of the closet! hahaha

Today is the day I have finally tell you all about my blog. Its still growing and maturing everyday so who knows what will come.  I am excited for you to visit!  Please check back often as I like to try and post daily.  “Friends in my Closet” is a smattering of fashion and lifestyle tips, trends and finds.

To kick off this day I decided to dedicate a post to the stunning statuesque Rosie Huntington-Whitely.  The Victoria Secret model turned actress.  Since this summer’s blockbuster Transformers 3 is coming out and she is in it, she has been gracing red carpets with those giraffe like legs and some impeccable style.

I have yet to see this woman in a bad choice.  All the gowns below are just amazing.  The navy was custom Burberry gown, not sure about the silver just yet, the mustard chiffon gown was Gucci, the hot pink  and the black tank with belt dress were both the ever classy Michael Kors.  And to round it out the short cream cocktail dress was Burberry; such classic and sophisticated labels.  I am hoping she can act because I would love to see her grace more red carpets; I cannot wait to see what she chooses.

Again, welcome to my blog!!!



Sixteen business days into the postal strike here in Canada and there are no signs of it stopping.  No one likes a strike, especially ME.  Why do you ask about my passion for this strike?  Well, because, it’s directly affecting my online shopping hobby. lol When it first started Chapters immediately sent me my books via Purolator and I was thrilled.  But now, 1.5 months after I ordered my ‘perfect summer cropped dark denim jacket’ from one of my fav stores, New Look in the UK, it is still not here. This makes me sad.  I had so many outfits planned for this coat, late night dinners, BBQ events to ward off the mosquitoes, and especially bonfires at the beach.  Although news outlets say there is no-end in sight for the postal strike I will try and remain positive.  So this weekend with mojitios and caesars with friends, a good run, some house cleaning and a trip to the antique market, I hope to brighten my darkened mood by the 
postal people and the lack of a denim jacket in my life.

Happy Friday Everyone.


My friend Chris sent me this picture.  I totally had an out loud giggle, it's so true!
Enjoy the day, its ALMOST FRIDAY!


Post Work Cocktails...

Post Work Cocktails

Post Work Cocktails by Friends_inmy_Closet featuring leather shoes

For that perfect post work cocktail hour this outfit is a must.  A great skinny cropped neutral coloured pant paired with a basic black tank is simple and easy.  Match it with a tuxedo style blazer and a great pair of heels and your rockn’ it!  Now to add a pop of summer and colour these turquoise accessorizes are perfect.  Since this look would even work for the office, and then at night jack up the heels, darken the eye liner and your good to take the day look to evening. {click on the image for where to buy the products }


Canada Day Fireworks...

Canada Day Fireworks

Canada Day Fireworks by Friends_inmy_Closet featuring retro style sunglasses

With Canada Day just 10 days away, already started to think of what to wear that day and into the night at Riverside Park for fireworks.  Of course you have to sport some red, some white shorts to tone it out, these polka dot ones are super fun.  The classic summer fedora and sunnies finish off the look.  So what are you doing for Canada Day?

To find where to purchase these items just click on the pic!

Coming Soon...

Harem pant post!!!



My new favorite show to watch, MADE IN CHELSEA, I was introduced to it by the best friend.  It’s basically a UK version of The Hills; however these are a bunch of rich kids from a burb of London and are always dressed to the nines, rarely in cutoffs and flip flops like the Hills cast’s California style.

The characters style I love the most belongs to Caggie Dunlop.  She has this bohemian preppy chic look I would love to strive and reach.  In the most recent episode (six) the crew took off to the south of France for Caggie’s birthday.  The look that made my jaw drop was the yellow/mustard dress she wore out for the birthday dinner.  The next free moment I rang Cindy and we both gushed about how much we loved that dress.

So hitting the internet I learned it was a Zimmermann dress, and for sale on shopbob (currently sold out though) it was only $275, not that bad I thought.  The colour, sweetheart neckline and the casual draping was just divine.  This dress is a great addition to any closet.  Also, loved how she style her hair side swept, 
made the dress/outfit have a very vintage feel.

Here are some screen grabs of the Caggie wearing the dress.  
 Hope you like it as much as we did!



On Tuesday evening at the AmFar gala in New York City, Olivia Palermo was stunning in this Bensoni 2010 resort wear.  Although the dress shows her thighs to the high heavens, not everyone can pull it off, but she sure does.  After googling the design of the dress etc I found the original picture and the hem-line was even.  Shocking.  So now that I see the waterfall design on Olivia and the original I am positive I like the original way better.  This dress would be perfect for a wedding with a sharp white blazer or even dressing it down with a cropped denim jacket.  Hats of to Bensoni for the great dress.

left                                                         right 



Couldn't have said it better myself! :)  Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Wish List...

So as the weather here stays cool yet sunny I wanted to take a moment to chat about the one shoe I am coveting for the coming fall.  Yes I know its months away but in May when Steve Madden released some pre-fall shoes I gasped!  I need these leopard loafers!    In the fall of 2010 I tried to find a similar pair from Zara, but everywhere was sold out and I was quite sad.

When I spotted these loafers I immediately emailed IF Footwear here in town and asked Joel if these would be coming in.  He said the Steve Madden rep said no, but he had a similar pair from another designer coming in.  So I will wait to see what those look like of course, support local right!

I have also come across these Gregory Brogueher with cutouts.  Not as masculine as the Steve Maddens yet I could totally see this oxford style with a great pair of black tights.  I think this year any loafer/oxford in leopard I will be happy to own.  

So back to summer time thoughts!

                             left- Steve Madden           right- Gregory Brogueher



Summer Fun...

This past weekend the temperature in the air significantly dropped.  Cardigans were pulled out of the closet and my house fans were turned off.  It was a refreshing change to be able to sleep all night.  On Saturday my girlfriends and I piled into the car and headed into the city to watch the Toronto Blue Jays sorely lose to the Boston Red Socks.  Although as much as we cared about the game, it was the comradery that the day provided is what it was really about!  So after pints and oodles of laughs Saturday was a marvelous day.

On the blog-roll this morning I came across the Middelton sisters at events this past weekend.  Both Pippa and Kate were sporting gorgeous long jackets.  Normally this style here is a ‘mother of the bride’ style, clearly it’s not a middle aged issue in the UK.  Pippa’s coat in that amazing green and Kate’s in the pattern blue are great colours for the spring/summer season.  A coat like this would be a great addition to any closet; however I would make it an investment piece, so what colour would you invest in?  Neutral I think would be best or a pale colour to go with all the dresses you could be sporting from your closet.  Something to start shopping for now!



Glamour UK released today their new cover girl, ADELE.  I am a huge fan of hers and her effortless, sultry style.  I think her wavy huge hair on this cover is just stunning.  I also love the muted jewel tone dress by Jil Sander.  I had already been eying this multi stripe poplin dress from Torrid, now this just makes me want it more, for its as close to Jil Sander as I can afford...lol

Also here is Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' music video.  She is stoic and effortless.  Enjoy.


Morning!  So after doing the morning blog roll I stumbled upon a fairly new store, definitely new to me store on Bathurst in Toronto, Gussied Up!  Checking out their website they seem to have a young and fresh approach to curvy girl shopping; something that is always welcomed in my world.  The store owner seems to have a real grasp on the fun and flirty way to dress.  I can’t wait to go check out the store in the coming summer weekends.  Here is the link to her storewebsite, check it out!



So this past weekend I felt like I did everything and yet nothing at the same time!  Through out the errands and pints with friends, my fur-baby
Stella and I had some chill time down by the river. 
It was such a beautiful and relaxing time. Ahhh 

Summer Fun...

So for the book club ladies and some special friends, I made some Lemon Sugar Body Scrub.  
Cannot have rough skin during the summer months!

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
juice and zest of a lemon



So today was the first day I have worn my new white watch.  For some reason I thought it went with the semi-nautical themed outfit I am wearing to the office.   Aside from the dream watch, a white Chanel diamond encrusted one; I also want to finally find the perfect boyfriend gold watch.  I am thinking this Marc Jacobs watch would fit the bill.  For around $250 it’s not that out of reach either. 



 print by: Mike Monteiro

I believe every home or closet should have this framed and hanging somewhere!

Book Club...

Last night was my book club meeting. We are currently reading, The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Everyone including me loves this book! It reads well, and is a complete page turner.

We have read half, so onto the second half!

I still buy books, some of the ladies have iPads and eReaders. But after finding {dobeeubags} on etsy.com I wanted to have this damask print cover right away! Maybe if my ‘books’ were covered in a print like this I would pick them up and read even more often then I do. The shop owner of doubeeubags has some amazing prints and designs, so many colourful options to chose from!  Check out her online shop.

Off to Chapters for book shopping I go!