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WOW!!!  What a day yesterday.  Thank you everyone for your enormous support towards the blog.  I was so nervous finally sharing it with you and you made me so happy that I finally did.  So again thank you for the love! 

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For today’s post I wanted to talk about a movie I FINALLY got around to seeing.  Last fall, yes back in 2010, the movie “The Romantics” was released.  All I knew about the movie it was about a group of college friends at one of their weddings and that majority of the wardrobe was JCrew.  Since I had heard that I totally wanted to watch it if only for the clothes.  On Saturday I watched the movie and my review will not be super kind..Lol The plot was mediocre, the acting was great, and however it was just blah, picture a long extended version of Dawson’s Creek starring Joey, literally.  Now the clothes however did NOT disappoint!  The clothes had a great preppy/trend vibe that JCrew is known for.  Each character might have only had 2-3 clothing changes since the whole movie is over a two day span, but they were great.  My personal favorite if you watch the movie is Maia Ackerman in the opening scene.

I do recommend this indie flick if you have nothing else to watch, however if you’re a clothes horse go out of your way to see it for sure.

Also talk about cross media promotion! Since the movies clothes were JCrew they asked the cast to be in their Fall 2010 catalogue.  Below are the amazing pics of the campaign.  I love the looks, and true to good fashion and staple pieces they still hold up in 2011..lol Now for my fellow Canadians they do ship to us since there are no stores up this way.  Lucky us!  And with the postal strike now over {see Gripe} you can get some amazing pieces to add to your closet!

Enjoy the pictures and the trailer of “The Romantics”.

Images: JCrew

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