I have gone public!  Hahaha  or some might say I am out of the closet! hahaha

Today is the day I have finally tell you all about my blog. Its still growing and maturing everyday so who knows what will come.  I am excited for you to visit!  Please check back often as I like to try and post daily.  “Friends in my Closet” is a smattering of fashion and lifestyle tips, trends and finds.

To kick off this day I decided to dedicate a post to the stunning statuesque Rosie Huntington-Whitely.  The Victoria Secret model turned actress.  Since this summer’s blockbuster Transformers 3 is coming out and she is in it, she has been gracing red carpets with those giraffe like legs and some impeccable style.

I have yet to see this woman in a bad choice.  All the gowns below are just amazing.  The navy was custom Burberry gown, not sure about the silver just yet, the mustard chiffon gown was Gucci, the hot pink  and the black tank with belt dress were both the ever classy Michael Kors.  And to round it out the short cream cocktail dress was Burberry; such classic and sophisticated labels.  I am hoping she can act because I would love to see her grace more red carpets; I cannot wait to see what she chooses.

Again, welcome to my blog!!!

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