Sixteen business days into the postal strike here in Canada and there are no signs of it stopping.  No one likes a strike, especially ME.  Why do you ask about my passion for this strike?  Well, because, it’s directly affecting my online shopping hobby. lol When it first started Chapters immediately sent me my books via Purolator and I was thrilled.  But now, 1.5 months after I ordered my ‘perfect summer cropped dark denim jacket’ from one of my fav stores, New Look in the UK, it is still not here. This makes me sad.  I had so many outfits planned for this coat, late night dinners, BBQ events to ward off the mosquitoes, and especially bonfires at the beach.  Although news outlets say there is no-end in sight for the postal strike I will try and remain positive.  So this weekend with mojitios and caesars with friends, a good run, some house cleaning and a trip to the antique market, I hope to brighten my darkened mood by the 
postal people and the lack of a denim jacket in my life.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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