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It’s that time of year again, Wimbledon!  Prep your mint julep drinks, your strawberries and cream, don your best whites and keep score.  In 2008 I had the amazing privilege of sitting six rows back on centre court to watch Roger Federer play.  There was definitely some horseshoes in my life that day.  I met a lady on the train on the way to the courts; thinking I could just show up and walk around, she advised me that it doesn't work that way and she offered me her husbands ticket because he was not able to make it.  I pondered it, and then decided to spend all the cash I had in my wallet and take this once in a life time opportunity.  I should note then when I bought her ticket I had no idea where the seat was.  Again horseshoe!  Imagine my surprise when I found out it was six rows back from the Number One seated player in the world at the time.

Because my intent that hot and sunny British day was to just walk around and see the courts and grounds I was dressed in a black linen blouse and jeans!  Suffice to say, I spent 6 hours in the hot sun, and was completely not dressed properly for that day.  And to top it off, since I had spent all my money on the ticket I didn't even have money for water.  It was a LONG HOT day!..lol

With watching Wimbledon this week it got me to thinking if I could do it over again, what would I wear to enjoy the day more?  So below is my dream outfit!  Some light and breezy white linen pants, a nice colourful cotton shirt.  A classic navy cardigan for when the sun goes down around the 5pm match and the shady areas.  Some great accessories and a fantastic structured cross-body bag with some uber-colour power!  Wimbledon is a classy event so the outfit has to match the venue for sure.

Everyone, Ready, Set, Match!! 

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