Summer Fun...

This past weekend the temperature in the air significantly dropped.  Cardigans were pulled out of the closet and my house fans were turned off.  It was a refreshing change to be able to sleep all night.  On Saturday my girlfriends and I piled into the car and headed into the city to watch the Toronto Blue Jays sorely lose to the Boston Red Socks.  Although as much as we cared about the game, it was the comradery that the day provided is what it was really about!  So after pints and oodles of laughs Saturday was a marvelous day.

On the blog-roll this morning I came across the Middelton sisters at events this past weekend.  Both Pippa and Kate were sporting gorgeous long jackets.  Normally this style here is a ‘mother of the bride’ style, clearly it’s not a middle aged issue in the UK.  Pippa’s coat in that amazing green and Kate’s in the pattern blue are great colours for the spring/summer season.  A coat like this would be a great addition to any closet; however I would make it an investment piece, so what colour would you invest in?  Neutral I think would be best or a pale colour to go with all the dresses you could be sporting from your closet.  Something to start shopping for now!

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