Superbowl is this coming Sunday, and like most people I will be glued to my TV!  Not only for the actual game but for the Half Time show! *Beyonce clothing review Monday ;)

In the mean time over at {StyleMePretty} they had this 'Game Day' bingo!  So of course when I come across something AMAZING I have to share!!!  Even thought we don't get the American commercials this will not be hard to fill out at all!

How great would this to bring as a Hostess gift to a party you might be going to!
Don't forget to bring the prize too in that case..lol


White cardstock
Exacto knife or scissors
Bingo game cards (download them here!)
Red pens
A prize for the winner! (may we suggest a bottle of Tequila?)

Step 1: Download the bingo game cards.
Step 2: Print out the cards onto the cardstock.
Step 3: Cut out the cards along the gray lines.
Step 4: Give your guests the bingo cards along with some red pens, and watch those commercials like a hawk!
Step 5: Give the prize to whoever gets 5 in a row first (across, vertical or diagonal. Oh, and the football is a free square).



Everyone we are GRIPE-ing today and for more than appropriate reasons.

When buying ANYTHING if it all resembles a 'phallic' image do not buy it. lol
Cause someone somewhere will not see your necklace aka the one below the way you see it.
Unless you want to be wearing a gemstone like penis around your neck!  In that case they will see it!

Pay attention people!  Places will sell you anything! lol
This is a prime example of a 'bad' necklace happening to good people!..lol




When a trend happens, EVERYONE gets on the train!
And this Fall/Winter had these amazing studded Chloe boots on everyone that could afford them!  Me, not so much!  However, with them being from the Fall 2008 Chloe collection it gave mainstream retailers time to play catch up and develop their own version of this insanely popular ankle boot.

Don't let the cost of a trend derail you from doing it!  Just shop and keep an eye out!  Below are some mainstream shoes that MATCH this wardrobe staple!

These are the 'expensive' Chloe studded ankle boots.


BUT! You can totally afford the same look with similar boots from these retailers below!


 Vince Camuto

Steve Madden

Why spend $1300+ when you don't have too!
To the untrained eye, they will never know the difference, and you can be PROUD you saved some serious doe!


Event Clothing... SAG 2013

If you are like me you didn't watch the SAG awards last nigh.  However that does not mean we cannot oggle the fashion they day after!

Trends: hair down and swept to one side.
             simple not over embellished looks
             stream line gowns, very narrow, minimal poof!

Here are the rest of my opinions!
 Julianna Moore cannot go wrong!

These ladies proving all shapes and colours were great dress choices.

Mint is the HOT HOT HOT colour for 2013 and Ellie Kemper was a vision!  
My favorite part of the dress was the tie/bow off to the side! 
Is this what Little Mermaid all grown up looks like?

What many are calling the 'redemption' dress from her Golden Globe dress.  Who said red heads cannot wear red!  Jessica Chastain looks stunning in this gown.  
And again with this trendy hair down and to the side.

Black, always a safe choice.  All three dresses were not 'amazing'.

 Navy, classic.  Note the hair on Jessica and Amanda is great.
Thought Nicole (centre) should have worn her hair up.

Bubble Gum!  A colour that is just always reoccurring on carpets last year and this year again.  Best Pink goes to Nina Dobrev! I mean the angular sheer cuts, amazing on her!

And WORST dressed goes to January Jones but not for the dress (cause that I like), for the styling!  The hair poof with the high colour I would not have done, and the lip colour is to orange for her skin tone.  A more berry colour would have been better suited.  Next time!



Well it is cold out.  It is a Canadian Winter.  So why not cherish and adore the 'Canadian Tuxedo'. 

Thanks to my daily read {HonestlyWTF} for the collection of photos, you can get warm, and dream of your own denim on denim ensemble for the Spring!  All the cool ladies are doing it!



A few weeks ago I went to a store opening of a fellow blogger Karen Ward, her store {YourBigSistersCloset} clever name eh!
This is the outfit I wore.  Casual, a punch of colour, and for all of you who are going to ask did I wear a coat? NOPE!  It was that super warm day, lots of sun, I soaked it all in!

This is what I wore!

Wearing ASOS skirt | Danier bag | Aldo boots | Addition Elle tights and top | HM sunnies



Mixing prints is something that EVERYONE does but me.  It is very outside my comfort zone; but we all need to step outside our comfort zone from time to time.  And I am not talking mixing florals or something similar, but two POLAR opposite prints!

I love this top, been wearing it non-stop!  The geometric print was so hot this fall and it was reasonably priced so I didn't break the bank of this one trend.  Paired with the AMAZING leopard heels was the perfect amount of print mixing I could handle!..lol  Need to be more adventourous I know!

Do you mix prints? Should you mix them more?

Wearing Walmart pants | Aldo heels | Forever 21 top, bangles and ring | Boathouse sunnies



Last week I said I was using {this} post as inspiration on what to wear to a local hockey game.  Well I did!  Again wanting to show you I practice what I preach! 

And then this is what I actually wore!  Only thing missing was the coloured jeans, and well, the temp dropped and the leather coat was much more practical then the denim.  Hate when mother nature affects my clothing choices!..lol

Hope all of you have a great weekend doing something that makes you happy!!!



I love colour... hearts not so much.
But when I saw this sweater I knew it had to be mine!  Punched up the blue with the shoes I basically stalked to find, woohoo, and some bright neon to set it all off!

Who says you cant do colour in the winter?? Not this gal!

This is What I wore!


Wearing Old Navy sweater | Torrid jeans | Forever21 tank | Aldo shoes and clutch | ASOS watch | OmyHeartKate bracelet | Shop For Jayu earrings



Back in Nov I put up a picture and said it would make great inspiration for a winter afternoon look, see {here}.  Well this is the outfit I put together inspired by it. 
To see the lace dress in full click {here}.

Wearing Old Navy sweater | Forever 21 lace dress and sunnies |
 Aldo boots and purse | scarf from vendor



This past weekend warmed up and I was FINALLY inspired!
Since it was warm yet cool, paired these fun floral shorts with tights some maryjanes, and this wicked blue bag!  Who can be glum with that bag!

Wearing Addition Elle tights | Forever21 shorts, earrings and sunnies | Gorjana-Griffin initial rings | Target shoes | Aldo bag | Lane Bryant top


Event Clothing... Golden Globes 2013

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed it as hosts.. Ben Afleck's ARGO sweeps the Globes.. Adele makes first post baby experience.. and Jodi Foster BLEW my mind!  And my new fav show, GIRLS stole the cake as the newbie-underdog... Just a mini-recap of the show stopping Golden Globes that happened last night.

I love awards season.

Now to the FASHION... without a doubt MANY trends kept popping up among the stars.

Simple relaxed hair with minimal makeup and jewellery.
Everyone thought people were going to wear colours, so lots of ladies opted to wear black.  So by default it became a trend.
High slits, backless dresses and cutouts were in plenty.
Lace, lace, lace and more lace! 
Column dresses.. less pouf more slender silhouettes.

Kerry Washington is my favorite of the night.  Hands down.  A relaxed look with hair and makeup draws your eyes to the un-real detailing on this dress.  I mean, WOW!

Lots of chatter happened when she walked the carpet in the world in terms of the breasts on this dress.  The 3D crum catcher was a HIGH FASHION risk.  
A first I was under-whelmed, however more I looked at it more I liked it. 

Nicole Ritchie in sky blue lace.  Classic.  With the long sleeve she was effortlessly timeless.

 And there it is, the dress that will be encapsulated in time.  Julianne Moore in Tom Ford.  On the carpet she said, she sent him an email and said design me a dress and did he EVER!  When she stepped out of the limo I gasped, yes gasped alone in my living room.  
That is what the right dress can do, it can literally take your breathe away.  
I want to be her when I grow up, stunning and elegant while wearing Tom Ford; 
 oh the dreams I have!

Adele always in black and who can blame her it when it looks like that! 
And she just had a baby! c'mon!

Katherine McPhee was the SEX-POT of the night.  The leg, the boobs, the satin, amazing!!  Wearing her hair up was the best choice it was very New York and very Fashionable.  Vogue would be proud.

Naomi Watts in the top colour of fall Oxblood.  Loved the movement of the train and the keyhole back added sex-appeal that only a backless dress can do.

Claire Danes, she had a kid a month ago so no matter what she wore she was going to look amazing!
That ruching to the side was super flattering.  The colour, red and the cut of the dress column, and the styling, simple she hit all the top trends.

 Debra Messing makes this list because I loved the heaviness of her stacked bangles.  Something about the cuff look on both wrists I adore.  Sometimes MORE is better!  lol

 Isla Fisher in simple, nude and classic.  Great look.   The berry lip was a perfect choice.

Marion Cotillard proves why French women never fail in the fashion department.  What I love most about this outfit is the leopard clutch!  Animal print on a red carpet like NEVER happens.  Love that unexpected twist with the simple hair and dress.

Olivia Munn Would be in my top 5 for the night for wearing this UNREAL Armani dress, if it wasn't for the earrings and necklace.  They just do not suit the dress.  Either she should have worn her hair down with a bracelet, or up like she has it with a stunner of an earring.  
But that is just my two sense!..lol

Kate Hudson took my breathe away.  The gold collar on this dresses is unreal!!  The gold appliques placed to look like a belt, I mean please.  This is what people at the top of the fashion pole look like!

Amanda Seyfried kept up with what everyone was doing last night and was not a SUPER standout.  What I would like to point out is the simple 'tie clip' at the top of this dress.  Just that simple line of gold stands out on this dress in the best way possible.  Also, can I please have those gold locks?!?! lol

Amy Adams is brighter then anyone in colour in this lace mermaid!  She said on the carpet it was 'ballet' pink, and no matter what the colour it hits her in all the right places  
And I loved her finger rolled hair to the side!

Jessica Chastain in seafoam and backless is a game changer for her.  She always picks the best dresses and this was no exception.  High Class!  She is quite frankly one of the most elegant women in Hollywood right now.  So with that said, I hated her hair! hahaha loved it long and with the curls, did not enjoy the part at the front with almost a dinosaur back type thing to the sides.  Best way I could describe it..lol

Julianne Hough, tough call.  Loved the hair,  loved the dress.  
But, she looks like a bird.  A gorgeous bird, but a bird.

 Love Lena, love her off the wall choices since she is such a hipster kinda gal.  Loved the plum colour, thought the tailoring and fit was exceptional, HOWEVER, thought the dress was a little 'old' for her and would have loved to seen a less full skirt, or above all, something with a print.

Nicole Kidman in this black column with cutouts and the neckline detailing was effortless Hollywood glam.  Dresses like this is why I love fashion! 

Megan Fox, simple, like the trend was, however, liked the contrast of the dark clutch and the light earrings.  Something simple to emulate in the real world.

 Taylor Swift has definitely all grown up.  This dress is a ladies dress.  Not to old for her at all it is a refreshing change from the simple sequin dresses she normally wears.  The sheer side up the leg was super under stated sexy.  I liked it.

Oh Zooey Deschanel, I get it, your a girly girl.  Enough.  Ok.  I liked the dress, I liked her simple ponytail but the pearls REALLY!?!?!  I would have liked something heaver, something modern for a necklace, something chunky.  Liked, but very MEH about it.

 Tina Fey, GREAT CHOICE!!  One of the ONLY dresses of the night to POP off the red carpet.  Chic and the hair, amazing!  Ladies take note, this hemline is EVERYWHERE lately; long enough to just be short enough..lol  Watch for it.

Emily Blunt is sexy in gold lace with cutouts.  What I loved most about this look is the pink earrings.  Normally someone would have done the colour in the clutch but these 
pink earrings stand out great on the gold canvas.

We get it Eva Longoria being Latin makes you extra sexy! lol  Well she hit up all the notches on the trend scale, cutouts, black, lace and well that leg!  With legs like that I mean you can't lose!

Anne Hathaway was in Les Miserables... and well this dress is les miserable!  SOOOO boring!!!  For a gal who takes high fashion and makes it look accessible, this bored me to tears in all white.  Heck a bag, a lip, anything would have jazzed this up.  Hope she does better at the Oscars.

Drum Roll... my pick for worst dressed.

Halle Berry.
The leg and the cutout on the hip are the only thing this dress has going for it.  It looks like a really bad sari.  The colour and print are dreadful, and her hair, did not suit the look.  UGH, don't even want to talk about it anymore!....lol

Images {FabSugar}