Superbowl is this coming Sunday, and like most people I will be glued to my TV!  Not only for the actual game but for the Half Time show! *Beyonce clothing review Monday ;)

In the mean time over at {StyleMePretty} they had this 'Game Day' bingo!  So of course when I come across something AMAZING I have to share!!!  Even thought we don't get the American commercials this will not be hard to fill out at all!

How great would this to bring as a Hostess gift to a party you might be going to!
Don't forget to bring the prize too in that case..lol


White cardstock
Exacto knife or scissors
Bingo game cards (download them here!)
Red pens
A prize for the winner! (may we suggest a bottle of Tequila?)

Step 1: Download the bingo game cards.
Step 2: Print out the cards onto the cardstock.
Step 3: Cut out the cards along the gray lines.
Step 4: Give your guests the bingo cards along with some red pens, and watch those commercials like a hawk!
Step 5: Give the prize to whoever gets 5 in a row first (across, vertical or diagonal. Oh, and the football is a free square).

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