Well Ravens won the Super Bowl last night, my family had a blast playing commercial Bingo, and the Queen B herself did that halftime show.

Beyonce, was stunning as usual, made us all jealous with her legs.  She sported this leather and lace body suit by small NYC designer Rubin Singer.  He will now become a household name.  LOVED the outfit, although near the end I was super nervous she was going to put her heel through the lace and have a whoopsie wardrobe issue, but she did not.  And we cannot forget to mention the black knee high socks she and ALL the dancers wore.  New trend?

Destiny's Child reunion happened too, in leather body suits and knee high socks too.  Sadly I thought this part was lack luster, Kelly and Michelle's microphones were so quiet I could hardly hear them hit a note.

Overall I felt 'meh'.  Thought there could have been MORE, ahem, her hubby Jay-Z could have sang! 
But cannot knock the girl, is was superb to watch.

Now, how do I get those legs!?!?

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