Mixing prints is something that EVERYONE does but me.  It is very outside my comfort zone; but we all need to step outside our comfort zone from time to time.  And I am not talking mixing florals or something similar, but two POLAR opposite prints!

I love this top, been wearing it non-stop!  The geometric print was so hot this fall and it was reasonably priced so I didn't break the bank of this one trend.  Paired with the AMAZING leopard heels was the perfect amount of print mixing I could handle!..lol  Need to be more adventourous I know!

Do you mix prints? Should you mix them more?

Wearing Walmart pants | Aldo heels | Forever 21 top, bangles and ring | Boathouse sunnies


  1. The top is gorgeous. And I agree, mixing two prints is definitely daunting!
    R x

  2. First off, HOW is it warm enough for you to be just outside with your short sleeve shirt, lol. ;) (j/k)

    I LOVE this print combo, it screams "Fun girl!" to me, and is all kinds of awesome.

    I have such a hard time mixing prints.

  3. you look great carlie! those shoes are so hot! and well done on making a bold move in mixing prints! yay!