When a trend happens, EVERYONE gets on the train!
And this Fall/Winter had these amazing studded Chloe boots on everyone that could afford them!  Me, not so much!  However, with them being from the Fall 2008 Chloe collection it gave mainstream retailers time to play catch up and develop their own version of this insanely popular ankle boot.

Don't let the cost of a trend derail you from doing it!  Just shop and keep an eye out!  Below are some mainstream shoes that MATCH this wardrobe staple!

These are the 'expensive' Chloe studded ankle boots.


BUT! You can totally afford the same look with similar boots from these retailers below!


 Vince Camuto

Steve Madden

Why spend $1300+ when you don't have too!
To the untrained eye, they will never know the difference, and you can be PROUD you saved some serious doe!

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