30th Birthday Outfit...

30th Birthday Outfit... 

For my 30th birthday out with friends (not the surprise party) I had this outfit planned for a solid month ahead of schedule!  It all started with this {ASOS} skirt I wore on NYE and then it all came together when I spotted these {ZARA} heels.  I was like, YES, this is what I am going to ring in a new decade looking like!  Paired with a chambray shirt to tame it down and some gold rings stacked on knuckles, pinkies everywhere!

Sometimes a perfect outfit can make you feel amazing and this did just that!  I don't have a picture of the outfit on... boo.. but as soon as I get to doing some WIW posts I will show you what this looked like on for sure.

For now that sequin skirt goes back into the closet, awaiting another special occasion for when I can take it out for a spin.  Oh sequins, they are always amazing.  


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  1. Happy Birthday girl!! Awesome birthday outfit .. those shoes are killer ;) xo