Today's GRIPE is simple, it is these Kanye West Guiseppe Zanotti heels that cost $6,000!  My issue is not that they are $6g's or that they are designed by Kanye, my gripe is that they are just UGLY! lol
Here is the second part of my GRIPE.  I adore Kim Kardashian (that is a whole other post) however the love for 'her man' has lead to wearing these shoes too many times!  Kim has a great sense of style and I appreciate her supporting Kanye but girl, take off the UGLY shoes!!  He would/should love you without you hawking these dreadful shoes.

Ladies, SUPPORT your partners, but when they make UGH shoes, perhaps become the MUSE and convince them to make NEW shoes..lol  Ones that are attractive and that 'real' people really want to wear!

Happy GRIPE!!!!

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