While doing some online window shopping I came across an accessory that made me do a double take;
the thigh harness!

Now, I sport a wrist harness every now and then, people do them in their hair, earrings, but I have never seen one on a thigh.  Perplexed by it I began browsing who sells them, well turns out here on {Etsy} lots of people do!  The original one I came across was on my favorite shopping website {ASOS}.  Now I think this is super easy to DIY, so perhaps this fall I will purchase some thin chainmil and make my own.  Maybe..lol

Had to share this find because I think you will be seeing lots soon enough and well,
I hope you heard it here first!


  1. I think I love them! I was checking them out on Etsy as well lol. I'm looking forward to your DIY!

  2. umm not sure about that. would it catch on things? would it showcase my fat??? so many questions.