NEON is all the rage, even I hoped on the bandwagon {here} however sometimes people can over style a trend.  One of my favourite guilty pleasure shows is {Pretty Little Liars} and a few weeks back character Aria sported this look.  As much as I love shoe designer, Jeffery Campbell, these neon {Darian} clogs are a little much with this outfit.  So I am griping about the OVERLOAD of neon.  If you kept the dress she should have lost the belt or the shoes, it was too much together.  Would you agree!?  Sometimes there is to much of a good thing! :)

Happy GRIPE Wednesday! 
On another note, click {here} to see these great clogs in a weave pattern, SWOON!

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  1. hahaha what a terrible outfit. I agree, 100%. Those shoes need to be the focus of the outfit, like with a pair of jeans and an understated top. Aria usually has great style, this sucks.

  2. OMG! Those were the exact thoughts that went through my head when I watched this episode. I loved the outfit until they showed her shoes! ughh!