Summer Fun...

This past weekend rained, and poured and just when you thought you were drowning, it rained some more.

I spent the weekend up at the cottage with a few of my girlfriends.  We spent the weekend eating chips, reading five gossip magazines, and watching the entire season six of Sex and the City.  We laughed, talked men, chilled, and above all got in some major girl time battery charging.

This is pretty much what I saw all weekend.

Onto the other note that filled my weekend curiosity.  The Kim Kardashian wedding.  No matter what your personal views of her and her brand and her family, there is no denying that she is beautiful.  When it comes to celebrity weddings, red carpets, I can never wait to see what the ladies would wear.  This wedding was no exception.  I kept hitting refresh on my sisters computer trying to see if some sort of website even got an aerial shot of her in the Vera Wang dress she was going to wear.  Now of course most of the pictures I cannot right click on and save, lol, but this one I got from {E!Online}.

I believe she went for the Armenian princess look (that's her background) and WOW, that headband is gorgeous.  Her make up is simple, not too much of a smokey of an eye, which is what she normally does.  And I think her choice not to do large earrings or a necklace was a fantastic decision since she had the headband on.

Rumour has it she changed two more times thru out the night.  {People Magazine} has the rights of the photos and is said to hit newsstands on Friday.  For more of the wedding pics click {here}.  And the 
E! two day wedding special will air Oct 9th and 10th.  I know I will be TiVo’ing it.  I mean, anyone who has that much money to spend on their wedding, I want to see what it can buy, lol.

Hope you all have a good start to your week.  No Monday Blues here!

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