Summer Fun...

First, HAPPY FRIDAY!  Second, sorry for the delay on the posts.  I took the day off from the office, and well, I slept in!  This weekend I am heading up to the cottage with some girlfriends, and I am very much looking forward to re-charging the batteries.

Since you all check out my blog so faithfully I am going to try and make this blog more personal.  I am still trying to find my stride in this blogsphere and I appreciate the dedication and support you have all been sending my way.

Something I started as a new years resolution was to do something every month I had never done before.  Mission accomplished so far. In July I blogged about the country musical festival I went to {here}; that was July’s something NEW.  I had never been to country festival, now I can say I have.

For this month I had been struggling to find something.  Then some of my guy friends invited me to a Toronto FC game; for those who do not know, thats the Toronto Soccer team.  So last Saturday I boarded the bus and went off to the game!  The vibe was amazing, the boys let me ask all the technical questions I needed too, I met some great people, cheered by butt off, and most importantly, THEY WON!

I have loved this personal challenge of trying to do something every month.  I have had such great experiences and have been pushing myself consistently to better my knowledge of things, and to have even more fun in my life.

Here are a couple pictures from the game.  I challenge you all to start to try something new every month.  It can be simple things like, new cleaning products, read the new genre of book, try octopus (which by the way I plan on doing before the end of the year), visit a new city.  Open your eyes, get out of your groove, 
there is so much NEW around you to enjoy.
 the game
 the boys
Jamie, and a very sweaty me! :(

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