Summer Fun...

Well I didn't come back as a cowgirl but I did survive!  lol

Saturday we loaded up two cars and headed to Sarnia for Bayfest.  All of us girls, mostly country lovers, were in for quite the weekend.  Now I will say no matter what the type of music, an outdoor festival is always splendid!

Now among all the fashion DO’s and DON’T’s and trust me when I say there was way more DONT’S!  hahaha  My girls were especially dressed for the occasion.

I wore pretty much what I predicted {here} with a few adjustments.  My denim cropped jacket did fit, its too big and needs to altered, so I chose a cardigan for the night breeze.  And sadly no feather earring, just wore the fancy gold and coral beaded ones, stacked bracelets and my great leather gladiators from Athens.

I got very much into the spirit as the night went on.  Even dancing and laughing with some local wanna-be cowboys!

This weekend was one for the record book thats for sure.  I had a ton of fun and many many laughs.  Also something I am taking away with me, is a mental note; next time I go to a country festival with LOTS of women in short short shorts make sure I do some squats and lunges to keep up! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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