Event Clothing...

Event Clothing...

Hope Everyone had a great weekend!

This coming Saturday I am heading to my first country music outdoor festival, 
yes, I am heading to Bayfest!
Much to my shock and I am sure yours that I am going, I thought it would be a fun outing with my sister and her friends; my sister thinks she is a country kid even though she has city roots lol.  Now that the day is upon me I had to start putting together an outfit.  Since it takes place late afternoon I still wanted a summery day outfit, hence the shorts and stylish cami, then need the cropped denim coat at night (fyi, mine finally came in the mail, woot woot), pairing it with some great gladiator sandals too.  Now the only thing I haven’t found yet is the single feather earring, however, if its hot I have to wear my hair up and the earring wont have the same effect as it would blending into my hair.  So accessories still to come but overall think these clothes will be my first (possibly only) look ever to be worn to an outdoor country music festival.  Wish this city kid luck!

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