FLORAL.  The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY.

There are so many different ways to rock floral in your closet.  However, with so many rules on how to wear floral always leaves people confused; like, big prints on bottom if your top heavy and vice versa.  Instead of talking about the rules, today’s post is going to be focusing on the ‘print’.  Some floral pieces are just horrible and some are great.  Along with Cindy (the best friend) we found some samples of good and bad floral frocks from three online websites we frequent often.  I believe the key to a great floral is not a LITERAL print.  Have the floral be muted, or not extremely detailed.  I believe size does not matter, but the placement of the print should flatter the area that it covers; no one wants a centre of a flower in the middle of their boob! lol   And most of all, pick a floral you LOVE!  Don't buy a shirt with pansies on it  if you hate them.

Rock a great FLORAL this summer, stay clear of the WEEDS out there!!!  Lol   

GOOD { le Chateau }
BAD {le Chateau}

GOOD {asos}
BAD {asos}

GOOD {Dorothy Perkins}
BAD {Dorothy Perkins}

And totally by chance I am wearing a floral top today!  What are those odds.  This is the shirt, seen here with my mum in Turkey last fall!


  1. i love the first one, but if i ever bought it i would probably cut it short..

  2. yah i could totally see making it shorter for sure....