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Have you seen this dress before?!  I am sure you have! 

The Prada Multi-coloured Spring 2011 dress has been WAY over publicized.  I first saw it Hailee Steinfeld at this years Oscars and thought what a perfect dress for a young lady.   

 Then it came out on the cover of, Harper's Bazaar Singapore February 2011, Elle Magazine April 2011, Harper's Bazaar UK July 2011, Flare May 2011, Elle België's May 2011 issue, InStyle UK June 2011, and I was SOOOO over this dress.

Then to my surprise {asos} last week came out with their copy of it.  Now the question is; do you buy into a trend that is OVER WORKED or buy into it because I CAN now have this Prada look-a-like?   

 Decisions, Decisions!

Images: Magazine Covers, ASOS

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