Fall... Old Navy Style

Fall... Old Navy Style

Today I am having a bad day.  Neighborhood punks stole all my lawn’s solar lights, 12 to be exact last night.  So while I sit and boil over this loss I thought I would cheer myself up with looking towards my favorite season.  FALL.

Now this entire look is all clothes from {Old Navy}.  There clothes to me are always super affordable and accessible and they always blend seamlessly into any wardrobe.

The look below I think would rock with a high pony, hence the picture.  But I also think a good old baseball cap would really add a quirky fun tie to the clothes as well.  Loving the striped cropped sweater too; being cropped makes it feel light and not as heavy as a regular sweater.  Start dreaming of fall now everyone its closer then you think.

Hope you all are having a better day then me! :)

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