Thanks to the internet I have already watched the season finale reunion show the ‘The Real Housewives of New York’, part 1 and 2…lol.  While watching the episode and laughing at the cattiness of these middle aged women I could help but be distracted by the stunning aqua/teal/blue suede shoes housewife Kelly Bensimon was wearing.  

I immediately took a guess and said Manolo Blahnik, then after investigating turns out I was right!  Now the colour she is wearing if from a different season, but this season’s teal version of shoe is already available for fall pre-order.  Can’t help but wonder if it is because of her, then I thought hmmm, the beige is on pre-order as well, so might not be. 

I have always loved the city-chic bohemian style Kelly has.  As a former model no wonder she looks effortless no matter what she is wearing.  Plus now she has me thinking, teal shoes for fall, why not?!

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