Last night I saw ‘Friends with Benefits’ with my two best girlies, Cindy and Angela.  What a hilarious movie, the writing was awesome, and Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were fantastic as well.  Was a great way to spend a Tuesday night.

In the first ¼ of the movie Cindy leans over to me and says “I really like her bag, I wonder who makes it”.  And with that I was on a mission to find this bag for her, and also selfishly thought, it would make a great blog post!..lol

This is the image from the movie that sparked Cindy’s question.

 Did some internet research and the bag is a, {Onna Ehrlich} Brooke Shoulder Handbag.  Bag is $720.00 and comes in tan, navy, brown and black, and drum roll please, ITS SOLD OUT!  Not surprised, that bag is great!

If you readers ever see something in a movie and you want to find out more about it,
let me know and I will use my internet skills to find it out for ya!

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  1. If you can find out who made the light tan/taupe wedges she wears when playing chess...I would be grateful!!