Red Carpet... Oscars 2014

Are you ready for it?  Can you handle it?  My annual OSCAR red carpet review!

The pre-shows started and the fashion was boring, muted, nothing was off the charts.  And then, BOOM, there wasn't a miss!  Thank goodness because I was begining to fret that the OSCARS were going to be a big let down.

I suspect that a bunch of ladies loved the Disney movie FROZEN because sheer, icey metalics were adorned on a bunch of ladies.  A few stunning black dresses pulled us to the dark side, and the other major trend everyone brought their mums!

Drum roll please..... dum dum dum...  here we go!

Amy Adams was a little boring for a lead actress nominee.  Even though she looked like a knock out in Gucci I expected/wanted more from her.  However those Tiffany earrings were amazing.

This is what she wore to an after party!  This is what I was expecting on the red carpet.  

 Anna Kendrick left me puzzled.  I love the dress, I didn't love the dress.  Over all I thought the detailing on the bodice was so amazing and that clutch was everything.  J Mendel gets that the small things matter.  I want a GIANT gem as a handbag any day!

She came in late and pretty much went under the radar and who even knew Lady Gaga got an invite!  No matter what you say about the Mother Monster this pale pink Versace ensemble with breathtakingly feminine.  I could have done without the scarf (never a fan) but the beading made her petite frame look sooo curvy.  Great job Gaga!
And in another small package is Kristin Chenoweth in Roberto Cavalli.  Again with the beading detailing!  Ladies listen up, if you dont have it, allow detailing to give you it.  She was like a mini Oscar!

  Everyone's favorite girl and fellow clutz (she fell again this year.  a woman after my own heart) Jennifer Lawrence wore this fantastic colour Dior dress.  Simple a little to twin-sies to Amy Adams for me, she was one of a handful of ladies who wore colour so bonus points for her.

 Classy flapper was Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta.  Cant say anything bad about this dress it was stunning.  The hair however, let's talk how amazing those tosseled locks are!  She gives Jared Leto a run for best hair of the night..lol

And then the carpet's jaw dropped.  Forest green Vera Wang on Idina Menzel was breathtaking.  That rich colour with her brown hair and that necklace.  She knocked it out. 

 Bette Midler in Reem Acra was in my top three favorites of the night!  She looked unreal!!!!  That colour with her skin tone was delicious.  If you think lace makes you look old, THINK AGAIN!

Anne Hathaway in Prada at first I wasn't a big fan.  Yes nice dress, beading is nice, but that is all I thought.  Nice dress.  Then she went on TV and HOLY COW it sparkled and blinded my on my couch!  
Well done Anne.

The night's darling was Lupita Nyong'o in custom Prada.  She looked like she was walking on a cloud!  And rightfully so, as her first movie got her to the Oscars.

After she arrived this began circling the internet and I just had to share!

 Portia de Rossi in Naeem Khan made me think of honey combs, crochet and lace all wrapped up into one!  I thought it was a nice dress, a great silhouette on her.

Sally Hawkins in Valentino made me swoon!  Loved the sleeves, loved how she paired light flouncy hair with a heavy embellished dress.

BOOM BLUE!  This is what a class act and Oscar worthy dress is.  Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen was literally out of this world.  Stunning.  She made my top three; I am sure she feels so honored..lol

More ladies in neutrals and metallics.  All three we gorgeous, but what stood out to me was Angelina's boobs looked awesome, and Cate's opal earrings were unreal.

Who says you can't wear white in Winter!  These ladies proved white in LA is an all year thing!
I will speak more on Kate Hudson below ;)

And then the BLACK reigned.  Charlize was hands down the sex pot of the night.  Those high peaks on the straps screamed VA VA VOOM!  Julia Roberts in Lace was great.  Like Sandy that is what class and perfection look like. 

Drum roll... my hands down favorite of the night was Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace.  First the detachable cape is everything, that plunging V, the subtle hair.  I mean.  Hollywood Glam eat your heart out.  This is a dress that makes fashion legendary!

and now my least favorite
Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent.  Girl, I am all for the new dark hair.  Hell I love a strong brow, I even dig a deep deep coloured lip.  But doing that ALL with this black column dress was too much.  I would have loved the same styling in a lighter coloured dress.  Would have made more of an impact.  Sorry Margot.

I could continue with thirty other red carpet looks.  Hell I could break down all the parties and what everyone wore.  But I won't.  Mostly because I am sick and have zero energy.  However!  I will show you an amazing dress from the Vanity Fair party that I think is soooo note worthy!

Zooey Deschanel is Oscar de la Renta.  Only way I can describe it is grown-floral-sexy.  Loved this dress.  Thought it was so refreshing from all the super heavy beaded metallic dresses.  And that hair, this girl is stepping up her flirt game!

Hope you had a good time with this year's OSCAR Red Carpet review!!!  Leave comments below, tweet me or message on Facebook with your thoughts!  Did you agree?  Who did I miss?!

_Carlie xo


  1. Love this recap! Could we share on our blog at Rent frock Repeat?? Lisa and Kristy

  2. great re-cap, lady! i didn't watch the oscar's as we don't have cable anymore, so this montage of who wore what is great! LOVE bette midler, her smile, her dress, she has it going ON!!! a lot of those dresses were super similar and kind blend together for me. people who dare to be different get props from me!
    happy week to you! XO