Well by this time we are all caught up on who wore what on the red carpet.. how great Jared Leto looked... and we have seen the 'Oscar Selfie'.

We also know that Lupita Nyong'o won the OSCAR for Best Actress wearing that custom baby blue Prada dress.  But what you may not have seen if you don't run in the fashion circle of social media is this great diagram put out by a UK based website depicting all the past Best Actress winners gowns.

Stunning right!  A few things to point out! 
No lady has ever won wearing RED.. interesting eh!  Hally Berry was close but it was way more burgundy/orange then true red. 
Eighteen ladies have won wearing long sleeves!

Which year and leading lady was your favorite?  Do you remember these iconic dresses from years past.  It also shows you what looks are classic and can easily be worn by the leading ladies of today!

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