Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary of my introduction into the sport of Crossfit and what a year it has been!

Last Nov I was stuck in the boring gym routine when I had the thought to get a personal trainer?  Would that make me more efficient?  Would it make me more accountable?  Would I like going to the gym more?  I pondered that for a while, and then I saw on Facebook that an old childhood friend was now doing personal training from her home.  I grabbed my sister and committed the next 8 weeks to training with Stephanie at her house.  Why not I thought, what do I have to lose in trying something new.

Stephanie’s style of training was ‘HIT… High Intensity Training’ and boy was it!  I had entered this new world where you lift heavy and then work your ass of in a short span.  In that first session in the ‘red room of pain’ as dubbed by one of her other clients, I had worked out harder than I had in the past year at the gym.  I WAS HOOKED. 

Steph trained me and she trained me hard.  I had a mind shift, I no longer had the goals I came to her with.  My goal was to become master the techniques of the moves we were doing so I could lift heavier weight.  Strong became my goal!  I just wanted to get stronger!  I became obsessed with Crossfit, constantly youtube’ing workouts, telling everyone I knew about ‘this insane workout’ I do.  I had finally found something I was passionate about since figure skating, a whopping 12 years post retirement.

I had considered myself strong before, but that was thrown out the door as I recognized how much stronger I could become.  Steph always encouraged me, ‘just a little bit more, you got this” was uttered more and more, and sure enough, heavier lifts I could do, I could jump rope longer, even double under it.  I was getting back to the stamina of my former National Figure Skating strength. 

Well, when those 8 weeks were finished, and I turned around and went back, and haven’t looked back! 

After a few months I needed MORE, I eventually got up the ‘courage’ to enter a box.  I knew I could do it, but working out with others in this way scared the s**t out of me.  I knew my skills, but I knew they would be better, I had check my ego at the door and enter because I loved it and moreover I needed it, I craved it.  After some trial and error I found my home at Crossfit Guelph.  Now to say that since joining in the spring has been great I would be lying, Crossfit is tough, it depletes me multiple times a week; however, I leave filled to the brim with accomplishment.  I read in an article once that said Crossfit is ‘communal suffering’ and that would be a great way to describe it. Being at Crossfit Guelph I have improved tenfold.  Things I couldn’t dream out doing I have succeeded at, that old adage, practice makes perfect explains this. Lol

I have become a part of a community of crossfitters, we are own breed.  I have been thru 5 workout partners that prove it is not for everyone, but it is for me, and I can’t imagine working out any other way EVER again.  This is it, I am a lifer.  At Stephanie’s and at Crossfit Guelph is where I belong.  It is where I am encouraged, it is where I am broken and rebuilt and rebuilt stronger.

Thursday will be the one year with the sport of Crossfit but most importantly it is also the one year anniversary of celebrating Thursday’s at 6:30pm with Stephanie.  I owe her more than she knows!  Because of her I found a new lease on life in terms of finding something I am passionate about.  She has taught me I can always push that little extra even when I think I have nothing in the tank.  Steph has made my confidence brighter and because of that my outlook on life and everything has shifted. 

Stephanie, I cannot thank you enough for following your passion to become a trainer.  You have inspired me, and you will continue to inspire others.  

Thank you for one of the best years of my life!  I look forward to more accomplishments with you and cheers to another year!

Steph spotting my bench press

Killing It! hahaha

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