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This 'event clothing' post is a little differnet, this one is all about the amazing event I am hosting this coming Saturday; CONSIGN YOUR CURVES!!!

As you frequent readers know I have attended {BIG DEAL Toronto} over the past two Summers and have been able to make some money off the resale of my closet.  Thing is, I am not from Toronto but Guelph, so thought it was time that I brought this style of event to my neck of the woods.  Guelph as a small city is under-serviced in plus size consignment and this is a perfect way for myself and other tri-cities fashionistas to open up their cloests to other ladies!

I was thrilled when fashion friends, {Karyn}, {Erica}, {Jessica}, {Sheena} and {Melissa} got on board and wanted to sell their clothes too!  I was so flattered to have these ladies support me; Truly humbled.

If you are reading this and your are outside of Canada, or heck even outside of Ontario I am sorry you cannot attend... but! If you are around these parts, have access to public transit you must come out!!!  If not only to shop and meet these iconic plus size ladies in person!

I woke up this AM to see my local paper had done an article on me and the event, click {here} to read it!

I will wait with baited breathe to actually see how this event goes on Saturday, but by the current buzz it will be one not to miss!!!! And, of course a post next week to show and tell you how it went!

For those that read the newspaper article and came to check out my blog, thank you for stopping by!!
I hope that you come back again to see what I have to say!

Find the event {here} on Facebook!!!

** rack rentals are closed **

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