30 to THIRTY...

Day #9 to THIRTY is today! 


I always seem to be a source of info for friends and strangers when it comes to well EVERYTHING..lol (Not trying to sound cocky)  I read a ton of blogs, keep up with the news.  I like to be cultured and have the ability to keep a conversation about everything with everyone.  Consider me a little OCD in the culture department..lol  So I thought for today I would showcase 9 blogs I read daily!  I read more than nine that's for sure, but these I check in with daily!

1.   Cupcakes and Cashmere

2.   Lark & Linen

3.  Oh My Heart

4.  Oh Happy Day

5.  Love Taza

6.  Brooklyn Blonde

7.  The Fresh Exchange

8.  Breakfast at Toast

9.  ReCreative Works

All these blogs are made up of amazing women!  They inspire me, motivate me, and keep me interested daily.  I suggest you check out their blogs and begin to appreciate their stores, DIY's and fun photos just as I do.  This is an accelectic group!  But like I said I have a vested interested on diversity!..lol

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, lady! Flattered to have made this list! Two of my very favorites are here as well... C&C and Brooklyn Blonde! Both daily reads for me, too!