As the week of mundane dressing is happening for me here I am always inspired by the daily post of {Suburban Faux-Pas} a blog by the stunning Krystin Lee.

I was introduced to Krystin's blog through the way all of us find blogs, RANDOMLY! lol
I then got to meet Krystin at a mall one day odd enough, when this gal (me) walked up to her and was like, 'umm excuse me are you from Suburban Faux-Pas' suffice to say my embarrassment was minimal and well we have become fast social media buddies and she is super sweet in person. #stalkermuchCarlie is what you are thinking..lol  I know.. But I have zero shame and am always looking to connect with other Canadian Bloggers; especially the ones with style I adore.

Krystin's posts this past week on her dressing in this Winter Wonderland have been refreshing and welcoming and as always inspiring!  Since I cannot inspire you FimC readers with outfit posts this week lets let Krystin do it for us!
And make sure to check out her blog {Suburban Faux-Pas} daily for her amazing styling!

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  1. Krys would look good in a paper bag. Not just saying it because we're friends. So proud of her