To the young lady that was wearing these pants and a similar trapper hat at the bus stop I drove by this morning, I hope you are reading this blog.

The pants I don't mind, the hat, I have one,  BUT wearing them together is a NO NO.  Today I am GRIPing over the fact that these pants say "its cold outside but I am not ready for winter" whereas the hat says " it's chilly outside and I am single handily going to usher in winter".  FAIL.  You cannot wear this together, separately yes, together NO.

People, when you get dressed in the morning look in the mirror, if any part of your brain goes hmmm, CHANGE.. run to CHANGE!!!!

Today's is one of 'those' days..lol.. and well a GRIPE was needed!  lol
Thank you for letting me vent!

Enjoy  your day!..lol 


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