Oh {Ezra Miller} what were you thinking??  I get it, you're indie, your punk, your going against the Hollywood grain, you're doing your 'own' thing, but you should NOT have worn that suit!!

Today's GRIPE is about badly placed embroidery or embellishments and in this case, on this horrible suit!
If clothing accents are in the 'wrong place' that is ALL people will stare at trust me!  Now this suit might be a train wreck and my eyes don't seem to have just one place to focus, however, the embroidery on and around his man bits is WAY WRONG.  ugh.  It wouldn't have even helped if it was across his butt!

PEOPLE, be cautious when you wear something that the print or embellishment that it hits you at/in the proper places.  It is important no matter how, 'against the man' you are!..lol


PS.  Love Emma Watson's Peter Pilotto dress!

Imaged {JustJared}

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