Summer Fun...

Oh what a long weekend I had!

My girlfriends {Cindy} and Shannon and myself headed to Montreal for the {Osheaga} music festival.  And it was nothing short of amazing!  Super HOT, humid, rainy on the Sunday, fantastic music and my personal favorite, LOTS and LOTS of laughs!  Bands we saw included, Feist, Garbage, Sheepdogs, Franz Ferninad, The Black Keys, Metric, The Shins, Florence and the Machine, to name a few! 10, 000+ people easily (I have no idea if that is a true number, I am guessing cause crowds were MASSIVE) how could you not have a good time!

Outfit posts will be happening all week, but in the mean time here is 'breif' photo review of the weekend!

Hope you all had a blast with your weekend as well!

us on our first night there

a view of the two main stages

dipping our feet at the end of the night with some ice cream.  The concert was on an island.

all painted up for night two!

neon ladies

my mixed coloured nails for the weekend

the view BEHIND me

Feist with her 'Coachella' palm tree

Words my mother told us to follow, and so did Osheaga.  Boy were they both right.

Watching the Sheepdogs in a magical forest setting!

Getting all wet on the Sunday!  We festival'd on!

this picture does not do justice to the mass exodus of everyone leaving each night.  
1x subway system for all this people made for a loud and smelly trip! lol

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  1. Looks like an awesome time. What an experience! great post. xo.